Quick Logo Design

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For free you can:

  • Create numerous variations of logos.
  • Have a look at matching letterhead and business cards.
  • You will loose you logo on exit, unless you buy.
  • For as low as R390.00 onceoff, you get:

  • Prefared logo saved in our client area for use anytime.
  • Ready made social media sizes e.g facebook and twitter cover.
  • You can download the logo anytime and use it on your website or social media.

    Our logo creation tool is the quickest way to create a logo. We have teamed-up with logaster to have this possible

    • Automatically creates your logo, you don`t need to do anything!
    • In just a few minutes, it provides multiple variations of your logo.
    • You can use the Find Icon Search to find the right icon
    • It will help you to compare and discuss the various logos.
    • It will edit each variation according to your requirements
    • It will save all of your logos so they will be available for you to view at anytime.